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Garlason’s Fine Hardwood Flooring (GFHF) was founded in 1981 by Gary LaMont Jamerson, a third generation hardwood floor Master-Craftsman with 33 years personal experience, and thanks to my grandfather and several uncles in the flooring business before I started there were over 75 years of combined experience. Today we are proud to have five generations [...]


Wide Plank Flooring Trend

I’ve been in business long enough to know flooring styles like fashion design go through some indefinite trends. And like most trends that garner attention we tend to accept them although sometimes without question. The flooring industry isn’t unique in this trend arena, however, we don’t revere it as we do in say fashion design. [...]


It’s All In The Details

Every child wants to go to Disneyland right? Well as a child my Disneyland was away from Disneyland although in actuality it wasn’t very far away at all if you lived in Pasadena, CA as I did. I grew up with sawdust in my veins as a child because three of my uncles were hardwood [...]


Have A Nice Day

We often take for granted the simple phrase of Have a Nice day! And we know some days won’t cooperate no matter how hard we try to bribe them. But if you have a passion for life as well as your work you’re more likely to say that simple phrase to other’s in hopes of [...]



From The Owner

Pride is something I continue to feel after each and every floor is completed. My crew often laughs and tease me because I never stop admiring the work we do along its journey to completion. As long as we continue to strive to be the best we can and keep our commitment to our excellence who cares about a little teasing of this old craftsman.

About the workflow

Gary, the owner of Garlason’s Fine Hardwood Floors was extremely helpful in understanding our project needs. His expertise and craftsmanship not to mention third generation flooring contractor was all we needed for our decision to hire this company. The photo he showed me of his Grandfather with three of his kids and their work truck from the late 1930′s was simply marvelous. Oh, and by the way, our floors are stellar!

John Peterson, Menlo Park, CA
400 Miles To Do My Floors

The home we just moved into had brand new carpet throughout and we were pleased until we met our new neighbors who had hardwood floors. They were absolutely beautiful wood floors and we were envious to say the least. So we asked who did their floors and they told us Garlason’s Fine Hardwood Flooring, but they’re in San Jose Ca. and we’re in Los Angeles County but they came down to handle our project for us. It was worth the extra we paid to have them come down. We are very satisfied customers.  Best of fortune to you Gary,


Patrick Bristol - San Marino, CA
Stay With A Winner

For over 10 years Gary of Garlason’s Fine Hardwood Flooring has been my contractor of choice for all my new or remodeled homes. Gary has personally installed and refinished my home as well as my Santa Cruz weekend beach house. He’s courteous, reliable, and extremely knowledgeable about hardwood flooring as well as a genuinely really nice guy. He gets the job done, and it’s done right! I highly recommend his company, you won’t be disappointed.


Ted Semple – Owner, Los Altos Remodeling




“From the beginning Gary has made us feel comfortable about working with him and assured us he was the right man and company for the job. He is timely, stays focused on even the smallest details. It was an absolute pleasure having his company do our living room, dining room, kitchen and four bedrooms in hardwood floors”

Helena Pescadores – San Jose, Ca

Gary L Jamerson – Owner, Garlason’s Fine Hardwood Flooring

gary@garlasonsfloors.com 408-274-4338

Ca Lic C-15 #736197

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