Sanding Engineered Floors

Engineered flooring is composed of two or more core layers of substrate (usually plywood) with the sheets alternating direction between layers to resist expansion and contraction. The flooring face is the solid exposed layer and is virtually available in just about any wood species. However, this top layers thickness is where refinishing can have several things to consider and require the utmost in craftsman skills to determine if this procedure has value for you. Engineered flooring is usually pre-finished as well as having side and end bevels designed in the manufacturing process. The bevels are created because they can camouflage the un-perfect levelness which can’t be accomplished as job side finishing of solid flooring. Although this minor detail does not distract from the beauty of the flooring and creates an artistic creative attribute!

Where the problem issues come into play is from a refinishing point of view. Let’s say you’re redecorating and you now want your floors to be a different color, well before you began the process of sanding pre-finished floors, there is a need for cautious investigation. The top layer’s thickness will be considered since not all manufacturers top layer’s are equal in thickness. This has plenty to do with pricing of the material in general and something that many customers would never know if a salesperson neglects to even mention this. One solution to determine the thickness is to remove a flooring vent and view the side of the flooring cut around the vent opening. If all is OK there, you still face the fact that if you loved your bevels, they may not (in most cases) be able to be saved because the sanding will go below the thickness of the bevels, and your floors will become a traditional square edge floor. Once your professional flooring contractor covers these crucial issues with you and you agree that a color change for design or overall sanding to repair unsightly scratches or scars to your flooring, your newly refinished floors will be beautiful as the day you first had them installed and will give you years of enjoyment.

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