Garlason's Fine Hardwood Flooring is a 3rd Generation hardwood flooring company that specializes in installing a new hardwood floor; refinishing an existing hardwood floor; or repairing any hardwood floor. 

Since 1981 we have been servicing the Santa Clara and adjacent Counties.  

Our History


His Legacy


My Grandfather John L. Jones on the left was a business owner 13 years before this photo was taken in 1938 with three of his four sons. The three that are pictured hear taught 13 of his grandchildren how to work with wood to become very qualified craftsmen at an early age. I as well as several other cousins are the sons of one of his 6 daughters. As kids during the summer and many weekends our uncles would take us to various job projects they had, one place particular was the Wriggly chewing gum owners mansion in So. Pasadena. 

That was a lot of floors my uncles were working on, and what a memory. We learned valuable lessons of skilled labor as well as customer service and these traits are still with us. Fast forward to current times and you will find 11 flooring contractors currently still running a business our grandfather taught his sons who in turn taught us. Although I am a third generation craftsman, we can proudly boast of 5 generations of hardwood flooring contractors. 


What We Do



Professionally installed with 100% guaranteed craftsmanship! Call us today for a free estimate. 



Hardwood Flooring can be refinished from old to absolutely brand new again. Let us view your floors to determine it's restored beauty potential. 



Damage to hardwood flooring can happen in numerous ways. Common problems from heavy scars to water damage from a broken pipe. No problem is too small or large for us! 

Sales on Hardwood Flooring


Want to do the flooring project yourself? We can sell you virtually any species of wood as well as the many various thickness and width sizes. Call us with your ideal species of wood selection.

Monthly Specials


One of the most popular hardwood flooring in the industry is Jatoba aka Brazilian Cherry in 3/4"m Solid thickness and 5" wide planks. Call for pricing

Need Hardwood Delivered


All purchased wood can be delivered to most Bay Area City's within 48 hours on average for all stocked hardwood flooring