Are You Choosing The Right Floors For Your Decor?

Like any fashion statement, you wouldn’t wear casual clothing to an after five event or a striped shirt with a plaid tie. Making a statement with your flooring also makes fashion sense. Although a vacant room will look beautiful with any type of hardwood flooring, your taste of flooring will become apparent when you create the rooms decor. With the exception of an eclectic personality most people have a personal design theme they will follow. Examples: Casual, Formal, Contemporary, Traditional etc.

Choosing the right hardwood floor is more than simply saying  what type of wood species should I select from natures vast collection. Although you may be fond of a certain species, it may not be as appealing to you with the wrong decor. But what if you like Mediterranean traditional styling and you purchase your home with existing flooring designed in light maple on a 45 degree angle, oops. While you may not throw out your furniture and splurge on a contemporary theme, nor may you decide to tear the floors out and install new ones, although I’ve seen it happen on both sides many times in thirty one years as a hardwood flooring contractor. In this case, sometimes you just have to live with it. But if you are starting over with furniture or adding hardwood from existing carpeting or other substrates, then knowing a few things about your wood selection and design can be invaluable.

I know I sound like an interior decorator but facts are facts and fortunately for you this flooring contractor knows his stuff. And I’m not embarrassed to admit it. Many service companies know their trade and can get the job done to satisfaction of course. But I’m considered a double major so to speak with impeccable hardwood floor design and installation skills coupled with a clear understanding of what and why certain wood species, design pattern, and finish will make your imagination come to life.

Link takes you to décor inspirations page. Tasteful examples can be seen at: flooring styles /decor inspirations /drop down list or these links

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