Hand Scraped Engineered Floors

Pre-finished hand scraped wood floors are a beautiful look from a country décor to a traditional décor. But keep in mind you’ll have to be much more diligent in your hardwood floor maintenance. You will not be able to refinish these pre-finished floors so it is imperative that you understand the reasons why.

In this image notice the heavy detail of wood scraping, the lowest area of the scrap is how far you will have to sand to get to bare wood again. Unfortunately the solid wear layer of the engineered hardwood will not allow for this, and if you were able to achieve this without going through the wear layer, you certainly will not have any wear layer to scrape the floors to a textured detail again.

However, if you’re OK with a new smooth surface you’ll be fine. Your new refinished floors will give you many more years of service but you will not be able to refinish your floors again. If you sell your home the new owner will be in for a very rude awakening if they decide they want a new color and ask a flooring professional to sand the floors. Once you go through the wear layer of an engineered prefinished floor you will encounter basically a plywood appearance, ruined hardwood flooring! This will obviously be bad news for both the homeowner and contractor alike. Who will be responsible will depend on what communication was addressed before the operation began.

At the very least, if you’re considering a hand scraped hardwood floor, may we recommend you doing so in a solid wood species where you will have the greatest opportunity for success if you’ll need to refinish the flooring and wish to have a craftsman re-scrape your hardwood floors.

There was a time when hand scraped solid wood flooring was reserved for the most eloquent of floor designs in the most prestigious of homes.


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