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Accents inlayed into wood floors was once reserved for only families of royalty or great wealth. These inlays required the knowledge of the finest artisans around, and sometimes took many painstaking years to complete a project. The woods were cut from the finest and most exotic tree species known. Today we can do what took years to design in a matter of weeks or less. Thanks to the new technology of what we call computer aided design (CAD), these new software programs allow lasers to cut the woods for us. The manufacturers in this relatively new and exciting field has opened the door to you for a wonderful experience with floor accessory design. This application will allow your dreamlike imagination to be fulfilled by this technology.

I mention impregnated woods in the home page link Floor Styles. Imagine impregnating woods in any color!!! This would allow you to create vines and flowers to add to a perimeter room border, the vines being green, the flowers a truly red rose bud. Or, imagine an exotic Persian, or Oriental area rug, but not made of the finest wools or silks, but many different species of woods. Perhaps you may want a focal point like a center piece medallion for the entryway, yes all these things and more can now be done. And lets not exclude design inlays of brass, copper, aluminum, marble, granite or ceramic either. Please follow us to this new and exciting place of design technology, and let us help make your home the centerpiece of conversation.

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