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I’ve always enjoyed the arts and design and have found inspiration from both. It’s no surprise to find me in a library, book store, or online searching for photos in these two mediums. I have an uncanny ability to notice quality as well as fine detail in arts. In home interior design and decorating I simply appreciate the imaginations and ability to express those imaginations into creative design or arrangements from furniture to wall hangings. The above photo clearly shows the imagination to create a living space from an attic. With the added design of dark hardwood floors in contrast with the white wall and ceiling treatments give this room a relaxing and very cool personality.

As a hardwood floor contractor I’m in a perfect position to appreciate my passion for these two things. I’m also one that brings to these mediums warmth and companionship by either enriching with wood match or design contrast. I invite you to explore the pages I have assembled in the drop menus and enjoy the photos from the rooms that will give you inspiration for your current and future projects.

What makes perfect decor? In my humble opinion its being surrounded by things that make you feel wonderful!

As the owner of Garlason’s Fine Hardwood Floors –  I can make all make all your hardwood flooring needs complete!