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For many American’s a traditional dining room is the crème de la crème of design. I’m not sure why exactly but I’ve seen these rooms in featured designs more than any other in home style magazines, especially during the holiday season. I know my Grandmother as well as my Mother have always chose this look including the china cabinet as well as the matching server. This dining room is exquisite from the two color earth tone wall treatments to the dining room table color and matching hardwood flooring. The server lamps and wall art lamps not to mention the beautiful color of the art bring the high wall into prominence. The ten dual light chandelier simply tops off the entire dining design. 5of 5 stars

Although using pastel mauve coloring on the interior walls will not be the choice for most in our dining room design, however, we can’t ignore why it works here. With the amount of glass allowing for maximum lighting and the perfect color choice for the blinds, it does induce a peaceful calm. The random plank hardwood floors in medium brown also makes a perfect choice. This may prove a long standing argument I’ve had with many that it’s a perfect choice for any pastel color wall treatment and obviously perfect for white as well. 4 of 5 stars.

Looking at this kitchen and dining area its easy to get comfortable from the Eco friendly appearance. There are plenty of ways to achieve this look without having a wall of glass and large pine trees to view, not to mention that heaven sent aroma. Using natural light woods as the maple hardwood flooring here gives that Eco friendly environmental feeling. Pine floors although much softer than maple will also give your home that same Eco friendly feeling. Much of  this appearance has to do with keeping your space clutter free and using living plants to give you that outdoor environment indoors. 4 of 5 stars