Engineered Wood

Engineered flooring is available in 3″ to 10″ wide planks on average today. It is a wood flooring product that consists of layers of wood laminated together, with the grains of the plies of wood running in different directions for strength and moisture resistance and a solid layer on top which the hardwood species choice you will see. Engineered wood flooring is perfect for areas in the home where solid flooring may not be suitable, such as basements, concrete sub floors, or heavy moisture areas like beach front property.

Because the ply grains run in different directions, it is more dimensionally stable than solid wood. This means that it will expand and contract less than solid wood during fluctuations in humidity and temperature. Many species and colors are available on the market. Most engineered wood flooring products are stained at the factory, and several finish options are available.

Engineered hardwood floors are also available unfinished for jobsite sanding and staining for custom and personal design aspects! Installation methods include, nail down; glue down; or floating.