“A Perfectly Created Entryway Could Keep Your Guest Hanging Around Just A Bit Longer”
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OK, so your guest may have overstayed a bit and now their at the front door but find a way to strike up a closing conversation. So you politely converse with them while your inner thoughts are saying I’m tired and need rest. Perhaps this is due to that magnificent entryway you created. This area is the first and last place your guest will see, so make sure you do it right! I’ve created some very entertaining designs in much smaller spaces and that’s really the secret. Breathe life into this space and smile knowing you’re guest appreciate it too, after all, this is sometimes what that last conversation entails.

Grand Entry 5 of 5 stars

Traditional French Herringbone 4 of 5 stars

Another Grand Entry – These incredible 10″ wide Walnut plank hardwood floors and Spanish decor is just perfect! Notice the twin brick hearth with fountains and fireplace with a grand piano 5 of 5 stars