Home Offices that are pretty hard to beat!
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With more and more people taking on side projects as well as corporations downsizing and allowing more work from home employees, having a comfort in this space can really allow for maximum performance. And I should know, I’ve worked in my home office for 31 years just like 80% of all independent contractors do. Keeping your space clutter free helps in your focus and keeps you on top of your business. There can be a few challenges with having a home office, and that’s your family who should know that just because you’re home, doesn’t mean they can barge in at anytime. This is an office equal to any corporate office, you still must perform your duties to get that desired pay.

This simple space of modern décor is perfect for sales reps or marketing pro’s. Hickory plank floors really make a warm  statement although I’m not partial to the window sheers. 3.5 of 5  stars

This office has décor and tranquility. Not many of us will have this luxury view of  course, but we can dream on. 4 of 5 stars

The ultimate home office. This space is perfect and you get the feeling of a days accomplishments. If you can’t make your 75 calls a day from here, you can’t make them from anywhere.  5of 5 stars