Mom… Why Is It Called A Living Room If I’m Never Allowed To Go Into The Living Room?
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For many families this room is forbidden fruit so to speak. I remember visiting family members when I was younger and some of our relatives made if perfectly clear we weren’t allowed in this space. We couldn’t even use it as a thoroughfare. Even at a young age it wasn’t hard to see these great looking rooms weren’t for us and clearly for the adults. Just getting caught looking at the things in this room could lead to time outs. Of course I understood, but in my adult life my children had access to all rooms because I believe they are all livable quarters, there’s just a few caveats for the living room, no horsing around in here and no eating or drinking.

Here’s another example of upper living because this view will cost you plenty. I like the décor design and if you’ve been reading my simple reviews here in Décor Inspirations you already know I’m a Hugh fan of lighting, just look at all that glass. The photography work is suspect because they chose to enhance it by over color saturation, meaning these colors aren’t as you would really them if you were in the room. But it does add effect and that’s what the photographer wanted. The wide plank walnut hardwood floors would be darker of course and gives the room a much warmer and pleasant feel, not a burned out copper look as you see them here. 4 of 5 stars

Looking at the beautiful iron work of the railing on the balcony as well as the interior’s massive ceiling structure, this living room is a designers delight. The floors are very European and elegant! There is much confusion about this design and many still call this floor design Herringbone. This design pattern is called a Chevron, you know, the same design and logo for that major oil and gasoline empire Chevron Texaco. The boards come together at a 45 degree on the ends as opposed to 45 degree right angles that the Herringbone exhibits. One can only imagine the opportunity for creating this rooms personality, I know I would love to have this space. Just because I’m a hardwood floor contractor doesn’t mean I don’t get excited for other opportunities to enjoy :-) 5 of 5 stars

Oh those late 80′s an early 90′s memory’s this rooms floor brings back. They had a few names depending on where you lived geographically. Some called them pickled and some called them white washed. I had my own understanding for naming these stain techniques and not only mastered them but also created different techniques as well. If white stain was applied and removed quickly, it would only absorb heavily into the softer grain of the oak flooring and very lightly onto the hard grain as this photo image shows, and this is my favorite appearance without prejudice. It’s more of how the raw wood looks with enhancement. The white wash technique requires the white stain to stay a lot longer on the floor before wiping excess off thus giving the floors an almost white painted look while still allowing some grain pattern to appear. This required some serious skills for both techniques and cost as much as $2.00 to $3.00 more per square foot of application. Like many things in design, there in style and then out, only to come back in style again a decade or so later 4 of 5 stars

I will be writing about more spaces at another time. However, if you have a space or more that you would like my opinions on, please feel free to request it. If wood flooring can go there we can discuss it and I’ll give you my opinion with photo examples.