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Refinishing or hardwood floor restoration requires a master craftsman to perform this task. There is a tremendous amount of knowledge needed to not only sand the floors, but applying a stain color as well as the final application of protective coatings. Most homes built before 1972 will have hardwood floors although they may be under the current surface of carpet. The carpet including the padding and tack-strips which hold the carpet in place can be removed to prepare for the hardwood flooring to be refinished.

The hardwood floors in this photo is a older home in Mountain View Ca. and was built in the 1960’s is having its final protective coat of oil-based polyurethane. The wood floors where under carpet for more than 30 years. This is an image of the living room as we restored the entire home including the staircase. The hardwood flooring species is 2″ wide solid Red Oak, stained in an Antique Brown color.

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