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The Projects drop down menu displays a few before and after photos of some of our various projects we have encountered from historical aging; water damage; various wear damages; to standard refinishing. Over 70% of our phone calls are about questions regarding restoration / refinishing a hardwood floor. A traditional hardwood floor is 3/4″ thick with a sanding surface of 5/16″. That is plenty of surface to work with to restore beauty from many forms of wear and tear. The average sanding depending on the wear damage is 5 to 7 refinishing’s. The average refinish is 17 to 20 years with many floors going 30 or mores before every being refinished.

One of the most detrimental damages that can happen to wood flooring is pet urine. Cats tend to have a more powerful acetic urine than dogs, however, diet will play an enormous role.

Sample: The condition to these as you can see is considered extreme for being under carpet for over 40 years according to owner. The damage before I restored to a livable condition is years of shampooing and the water going through the carpet to damage wood flooring. A testament to salvaging a floor as opposed to tearing out and replacing!