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This beautiful 1950’s Spanish style home required us to add additional flooring in the entryway, living room, kitchen and other areas of the home. The remodeled areas were slightly enlarged but make a sizable improvement in appearance. When I’m hired as the floor restorationist I’m always aware of what the homeowner and designer want and I bring that request to fruition. The first image shows where the old bedroom wall was and this obviously shows the narrow entryway as well. The bedroom is being converted to an office so the loss of size was negligible.

This image is shows the two existing floors with the bare sub-floor between.

I now have to engage with what I call lacing (integrating) the existing new office’s old floor to the entryway’s old flooring and later I will have to sand the laced floors to achieve continuity.

This image shows the new floor integrated with the old and although I have no image of the raw wood integration we are at the first coat stage of the process.

This image is from the office view towards the entryway, again with first coat of process. The new French doors allows the office to be seen from the entryway. It’s looking great!!!

Moving into the kitchen area new cabinets were call for and we need to integrate hardwood flooring there and into the new wine closet.

This photo shows the finished integration and wine closet with first coat of process complete. Wine shelving and the imported wrought iron and glass door will be installed before final coat.

Moving into the living and dining room areas the general contractor created the large bay windows with angles after the removal of the plain vertical wall. The center of the new floored area was covered in carpet with a wood floor border surrounding that extended to not only the dining room, but the rest of the house. Once I removed the carpet and added new flooring I also had to add to the new bay window section as well. Sanding will take place later including the entire home to have a new and complete looking hardwood floors.

The second coat of finish is applied and the photo is taking during the polyurethane coating and shows extremely wet.

The final coat will be applied to this second coat of polyurethane. Notice how the extremely wet appearance has mellowed to a more beautiful semi-gloss appearance. I will further detail this this floor and apply the final polyurethane coat to the flooring.

Here is the photo of the entryway with the dried second coat of polyurethane finish applied. Today will be the project completion day and everyone will be happy and after several days from today, the owner will setup the delivery for her new furniture and move back into their home.