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Before there’s beauty of your hardwood floors there’s a few things that need special attention before your new wood flooring can be installed, or refinished.

Preparation: Removal and disposal of existing floor surfaces, ie. carpet, linoleum, masonry products, etc. Make sure sub floors or substrates are sound and moisture free.

Installation: Special care is given to the handling of fine wood. Moisture tests given to wood and sub floors.

Sanding: All wood Floors ( that require it ) are professionally sanded to achieve the highest standard of grain reflection.

Repairs: Many new home owners inherit their floors and many with repairs needed. We accommodate just about any wood floor for damage repairs aged or new.

Finishing: Only the finest water and oil based polyurethanes are used at Garlason’s. This assures endurance and beauty for your wood floor.

Quality Assurance: All work has limited warranty. We do it right the first time!!! But most important we understand your needs and strive to make each project go as smoothly as possible for you, our most valued customer.

Other Services include: Working with General Contractors; Architects; Interior Designers; Realtors, Kitchen and Bath specialists, Home Remodel specialist.