What Is The True Measure Of Sacrifice

In times like these you don’t have to look far to see economic disaster around us from loss of jobs to closing of business’ to home foreclosures. And it isn’t hard to imagine we’ve been in these terrible times for over four years. How are we making it? Some of us are keeping positive attitudes with very supportive family and friends, while others struggle and can’t see a way out.

This is my personal experience with tuff times. Yea, I’ve researched the past economical downturns like the 1980, early and late 2000′s and now this. In the eighties it was hard, but I was able to make ends meet and the duration of 1.4 years wasn’t easy but we made with confidence that things would change soon. When you have youth sometimes you can endure much more. The early 2000′s it only lasted eight months which was the easiest to survive in. The late 2000′s is a true test of endurance which definitely caused serious concerns within my household as well as many American’s with the downturn of our financial empire and monumental government bailouts.

I’ve never seen more families displaced, loss of quality employment, loss of homes to foreclosure, and grown children with families moving back to their parents homes. This downturn took a major toll on my life as a local California Licensed contractor. It was difficult to get quality projects for my employees not to mention keeping up with my personal household expenses.

I get a call from a family member who is losing a battle with life and is the financial backbone of their family. I’m needed to keep their family above water by taking over my Uncle’s hardwood flooring company. I need to complete the contracts and continue working future contracts that builders and designers have so depended on from him so  many years as a reliable and well respected flooring company. But this has to be done in Los Angeles and I live in San Jose.

I need to make a serious decision because if not for my uncle’s I would have never learned this flooring trade and business. I have to let my crew go, pack my essentials and leave my family which needs me to take over another family that needs me.

For just about a year, which is how long it takes me to find a qualified business managing partner to take over. In the mean time I’ve lost pretty much all my clients from designers to homebuilders and our references are a year old and we’re without any advertising to say the least. Essentially I’m starting over after thirty one (31) years of service. I’m a proud business owner and an optimistic person in general, but times are hard and I must continue to try and build new relationships and find quality personnel to get us back above water.

How do we measure true Sacrifices? This is my story, I’d love to hear yours if you’ve experienced these tuff times as well as any marketing advice you could share with me.


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