What You Should Know About Wood Floors

Many of you over the age 50 are more inclined to know about and have experience with hardwood flooring. In most recent years there has been a plethora of manufacturers as well as new products and designs for your floors to give everyone something to appreciate and enjoy. So let’s take a deeper look into what your desires may be. Let’s first of all be clear as to one very important aspect of this flooring desire, real wood is dominate and hasn’t found a replacement to take its dominance away since it’s inception in the America’s during the colonization around 1607-1780. What are the choices for floor surfaces, well in a nut shell besides dirt, you get four (4) choices of tradition.
1. Hardwood
2. Stone or Tile
3. Vinyl or Linoleum composite
4. Carpet

What is hardwood flooring? The answer is any wood cut from a tree and used as your floor. There are more than 60,000 trees that grow globally but you’re only going to know perhaps the top 100 used in interior design. In the America’s the most note worthy and popular species are the Oak tree; Walnut; Hickory; Maple; Brazilian Cherry and other Brazilian Species that are truly amazing in appearance and longevity.

Wood flooring is available in several styles. The style you choose is strictly a matter of personal preference. Below are brief descriptions of the options available.

A) Strip Flooring: Flooring generally is 1-1/2 thru 2-1/2″ in width and 5/16″ thru 3/4″ in thickness. Strip flooring is linear flooring and creates a linear effect in a room, often allowing an illusion of a larger space.
B) Plank Flooring: Plank flooring is also linear, but it is wider in width. Widths range from 3″ thru 7″ normally, but planks can be wider, so 10″ is very common today. Plank flooring is often preferred for a more traditional or country look. However choices in stain or color have a lot to do with style genre.
C) Parquet Floors: Parquet flooring is a series of wood flooring pieces that create a geometric design. Parquet offers a variety of design options, when linear is not your preference.

Many Countries have incredibly beautiful species of trees for flooring as well, Australia; Brazil; and Asia have imported species that are well received in the US.

So what is Solid Wood Flooring; Engineered Flooring; Laminate Flooring;  or LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) Flooring? To learn more about these please visit here:

Like clothing or furniture, style and appreciation of quality can and will enter into the equation of making a decision as well as protective coat (finish) durability for young children; pet’s; and heavy traffic patterns throughout your home.