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Garlason’s Fine Hardwood Flooring (GFHF) was founded in 1981 by Gary LaMont Jamerson, a third generation hardwood floor Master-Craftsman with 38 years personal experience, and thanks to my grandfather and several uncles in the flooring business before I started there were over 92 years of combined experience. Today we are proud to have five generations of hardwood flooring contractors in our family, this is an attribute I am extremely proud of!

My grandfather pictured left with three of his ten children posing for photograph. I was the son of one of his daughters and learned the trade from several of my uncles. I spent as much time as possible as a youngster going to work with my family during the summer; I also spent a lot of time doing summertime fun things as well. But I always knew I was going to be a floor-man one day. Well, I’ve been a floor-man for a while now I guess. Since its founding, GFHF has been devoted to upgrading the quality of installations and refinishing in San Jose and the Greater Bay Area Peninsula. When you hire GFHF, you get a team of hardwood flooring specialists who work under the strict guidelines of the owner. This ensures you the best quality of work performed and work you can be proud of. Let us help make a difference in your home or business. GFHF can assist you in all or any of the phases of producing a beautiful wood floor from start to finish.

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Our family and personal years of experience has taught us a great deal of understandings and one of those understandings is that you our customers need our professional help. This extends to answering all your floor concerns by phone or in person. Our information can be invaluable as its based on realistic factors that will help in making your selection last a lifetime, and because we are familiar with a plethora of wood species we also know that you will find a floor that will fit your personality as well as beautify your home.