Have A Nice Day

We often take for granted the simple phrase of Have a Nice day! And we know some days won’t cooperate no matter how hard we try to bribe them. But if you have a passion for life as well as your work you’re more likely to say that simple phrase to other’s in hopes of sending good vibrations to them. I received a call from a potential customer this morning not knowing of course how she would eventually cause me to have a nice day. She has a genuine concern for her wood flooring project and I was clearly able to understand her dilemma and offered my opinions as well as a formal meet to discuss further the possibilities for a successful outcome. We will meet in a few days.

Although we get many calls for our services, what made this call so wonderful and make my day was how she engaged in my closing question, “How Did You Hear About Me” and her answer was I used Google to search. That was only the beginning because we have asked this question for 33 years albeit pre-Google it was always Yellow Pages or a neighbor. Asking this simple questions today doesn’t always work as many times potential customers won’t take the time to allow us to get more specific for this invaluable information. I also know that living in the “capital of tech” we as contracting mechanics may not be viewed as tech savvy individuals, but I do declare.

Our conversation progressed thoroughly enough that she told me how she found me months before online and saved my information but wanted to view my site again through searching Google, but my placement was not as easy to find, but eventually this lost sheep was located. We are at the mercy of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp etc. and the like because its big business as advertising is king and the algorithms change as offend as they see fit. To ask how you found us is a basic qualifying procedure that helps us to better understand how to be where you as customers need us to be. And I do apologize for the inconvenience because I honestly do respect your time while also appreciating your call to us and the opportunity to service you at all times.

Thank you for Making My Day Mrs. T. S.

Gary L Jamerson – Owner, GFHF

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